3 Ways live video will boost business in 2017

Did you see Buzzfeed’s live broadcast of a watermelon exploding? It was Facebook’s most viewed live stream with more than 800 000 viewers watching at the same time.

There was nothing special about the camera angle; people were walking in and out of the frame; producers (behind the scene) were talking to the presenters as they placed random elastic bands on the watermelon. And it ran for 45 minutes.

How did Buzzfeed do it? How did they get 800 000 people to stop what they were doing and not only watch, but engage, with this really long video?

Keeping an audience entertained for more than five minutes online is a skill that brands across the globe are constantly battling to maintain.

Here are three major reasons for the success of the Buzzfeed watermelon live stream, which if applied correctly can help your videos go viral:

Nothing tops fresh content

What’s most intriguing about live video is that it’s happening now. There’s no news more current than a live broadcast – even if it’s just the news of that watermelon finally exploding.

Log onto an application where a live stream is in process and you’ll be able to engage with the host right away – from anywhere in the world. Getting information in-person no longer requires you to be in the same space.

Companies like Burberry, who live stream their runway shows, afford consumers who aren’t able to attend the events in person, an even more enticing proposition: come to the next show and be filmed among the audience.

Video gets the highest engagement

According to livestream.com, video on social media generates 1 200% more shares than text and images combined. It’s no surprise, then, that with over 800 000 real-time views, the Buzzfeed watermelon explosion was shared 17 998 times and received 320 000 comments.

Read some top comments below:

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When award-winning digital marketers, Adelie Studios, conducted research on the latest online marketing trends, they found that when both video and text are available on a web page, 69% of consumers prefer to watch video. That ought to give you a clear indication of which form of media consumers are looking forward to.

Compelling content converts

Do you seek out reviews for products that you’re intending to buy? If you’re a frequent mobile user, your answer is likely: All. The. Time. Forbes reported that 51% of executives make purchasing decisions after watching a brand’s video. This is because combining high-quality sound, text and video provides audiences with a stronger, more demonstrative perception of brands.

Buzzfeed’s Facebook Live stream was so compelling that it had ‘watermelon’ trending on Twitter; Medium posts were published, memes were generated and, above all, brand awareness for Buzzfeed reached millions.

Delving more into how one can make a profit with video, online shoe and clothing shop, Zappos, receives 30% more product sales when posting a video. Do you want the same success for your business?

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