What’s the Best Length for Online Video?

Since the rise of online video streaming, there’s been a debate on what the optimal length for videos is. The general assumption is that shorter videos are better, based on surveys done with audiences – so how long is too long?

According to an Adroit Digital consumer survey, 56% of viewers will skip video ads, 20% will watch it and 24% say that it depends on the content. But video promotion, and specifically targeted promotion, can massively impact how consumers engage with your video ad.

Viewers respond differently if the advert has been targeted to their current experience. For example, if a viewer is watching a cooking show and a food commercial pops up during the show, there’s a greater chance they will watch till the end, regardless of the length – because they’re actually interested. Irrelevant, random ads of any length don’t get watched. Targeted ads may not get more completed views, but they will get clicked on more than un-targeted ads – no matter the length of the video.

Viewers who choose to engage with longer videos, usually form part of the target market. As long as the video content communicates the benefits of the product being advertised, it can be as long as necessary to get a clear, effective message across. With effective targeting, you’re marketing to people who are already interested in the service or product being sold – which means they’re much more receptive to your message.

According to Wistia reports, short videos are still come out on top. For videos of 4-5 minutes, 60% of people will watch through to the end; whereas a 1-2 minute video gets 75% of completed views.

However, with the introduction of fibre and more affordable data, people are becoming more open to watching longer videos online. Things are changing, and there is no right answer to this question. It really depends on the content and context. People will watch for as long as the video interests them. An educational video is best at 5-15 minutes, but a product promotion will vary depending on how much information needs to be relayed.
A good rule to stick to is the well-known saying, “content is king”. If the content is interesting the people will be interested. So, does the length of your video matter? Well, that depends on your content.

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Posted on August 21, 2017 in Uncategorized