Four Youtube Channels to Inspire and Enlighten

Video is arguably the medium of our time. Popular Mechanics devoted their latest issue entirely to this mode of communication and all the interesting, unexpected and creative ways in which its being used.

As their Editor in Chief, Ryan D’Agostino, writes in his introduction to the issue, the entire purpose is to make it easier for people to tap into this powerful tool: “The reason we devoted this entire issue to the topic of video—the first print magazine ever to do so, as far as our team of statisticians can tell—is that we want to help you use it, too. Video is fun, but it’s increasingly important, too. Video can confirm that we know better than NFL referees, but it can also escalate protests that overthrow governments or draw us into the personal lives of people a world away. It can build brands and strengthen friendships and facilitate research about Mars. It can help you design your kitchen, or help you make a good Creole gumbo in it. It can help you at work. It can become your work.”

Here are some of our favourite people doing just that – turning video into a lucrative career. Have a look at these channels for inspiration, tips and insights into how you too could gain success through the medium of our time.

Channel Notes
Here you’ll find everything you need to know about nailing Youtube. As founder, MuchelleB, says: “ It’s for the people who are in the procrastination stage, continually putting off making a channel – or the people that have made a channel that just isn’t getting anywhere, or reaching the right kind (or amount) of people.”

The School of Life
This channel provides so much more than just smart ways to monetise your efforts in the world of video! Their focus on well-being and much-needed life skills will be of use in many other spheres of your life:

This small, but extremely talented, group of storytellers have set themselves the goal of making cutting edge scientific ideas of our time more accessible and interesting to everyman. They’re a great example of how your community can end up funding your projects through platforms like Patreon. They’re really good at rewarding their community for those contributions – like they did with their Patron Tree full of uniquely designed birds. Similar to The School of Life, they also turn some of their work into products like sticker sets, mugs and shirts you can buy.

Great Big Story
If you’re wondering how you can turn branded content into something people will want to watch, take a leaf out of Great Big Story’s book. Through a strong editorial focus and cinematographic style, they’ve produced countless fascinating stories about our world for brands – without ever making it feel as if you’re watching an ad. Their collaboration with The Weather Channel is a particularly brilliant example of how a sound insight and concept can lead to a wide variety of compelling content pieces:

We hope you’re now also a subscriber to all of these channels! There are many lessons to be learned from them, if you’re in need of more help, drop us a line. We’ve got a whole team of video fanatics who’d be happy to help you unlock the power of video for you:

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