Using video to take your prospects through each stage of the buying cycle

Video is fast becoming one of the best sales and marketing tools. This year we’ve seen the increased popularity of live streaming video via Periscope and Meerkat , Twitter launch Video Autoplay and Facebook give advertisers the option to buy video ads. In a study done by HighQ, it was confirmed that by using video in your marketing you can increase conversion rates up to 65%. That is an astounding static particularly when 78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% of people watch videos online every day.

We have been researching these trends (it’s our passion) and we have found that at each stage of the buying cycle you can use video to help bring your prospects closer to purchase or engagement. We decided to create a series of blogs for each of these stages so that you can apply these learnings to your own marketing strategy and get your conversion rate up by 65%!

Let’s take a quick look at the buying cycle (not to be confused with the bicycle)and each stage before we start.


Right now that we have that all cleared up, let talk about video in these stages.

Awareness & Research (best friends)

When a potential buyer or prospect enters the awareness / research stage they have a ton of questions. They want to know more about your product or service and they want to be able to find the answers easily in a medium that works for them.

The role of video in this stage is twofold. First off, it gives an immediate face to your business and personalises your messaging. Secondly, it helps you to educate your prospects in an interactive and engaging way. The goal here is to relate to your prospects, to start the beginning of a relationship with them and hopefully for them to feel that they have learned something through your content.

Click here for a great example of an awareness video we created for our client Bonitas.

Ideally, they will share your video on their social platforms and since it was so insightful, it will guide them onto the next phase of the buying cycle, namely Comparison.

In our next blog, we will discuss this stage and what video content to put out that will drive your prospects to purchase.

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